19 December 2007

O Christmas Tree

We weren't going to get a Christmas tree since we had sold the ones we had in Guymon. But toward the end of last week I thought, "Hmm, I think I do want a tree." So Evan agreed and we ventured out to Meijer over treacherous and snowy roads on Saturday night and finally found this pretty narrow one. Evan wanted LED lights because they save energy and I wanted white ones. So as you can see we both got what we wanted. A lot of my ornaments and Christmas stuff is at my mom's. But here it is with the birds and butterflies and vintage ornaments I could scrounge up.

11 December 2007

Christmas Album - Frosty Pink - Sold!

I've already sent this one away -- It's my Frosty Pink Christmas album. I just finished it last night and took pix of it. I've also got some pix of my Christmas deer. Speaking of deer -- ask Evan about the one that was dead in the parking lot a couple weeks ago. I think Keith has a picture of it.

07 December 2007

YeeHaw! A Little Cowboy's Christmas Completed!

Here it is, the Little Cowboy's Christmas is complete. I'm going to try to get some better photos of it and get it posted on ebay this week. I'm satisfied with how it turned out. Very rustic.

Here are a few pages. The only good shots I can get right now are closeups. Sorry.