30 July 2008

Look at What I've Done - Catching Up

First, the Ohio State Stuff.

I'm almost finished with a third tag book, which I'm waiting to sell at the fall craft shows. I started 2 banners, but I'm having a hard time figuring out how to finish them. I got the letters glittered, but I'm not sure how much more frou frou they need before I hang them. I'm happy with how they're turning out, though. This is definitely for homes that like a little classier, unique look to show their team spirit. ;)
These are the 2 mini albums I finished. I used colored metal carbiners for the ring which I thought looked good and very easy to take the pages on and off. I'll have these at the craft shows as well. I may make a couple more because they're so quick to make. And I've got plenty of paper left over.

However, I'm hoping to make some Ohio State notecards to finish up the scraps. I haven't made cards before, but I"ve looked at layouts and sketched out some designs.

I'm hoping this does well at the shows -- I'm going to merchandise this a little more - I've got a red wagon, but I was thinking about a football bowl or something like that.