21 August 2009

At the Cusp of Autumn

I went a little garden crazy again. I got mums for the front porch pots. They're not very big, so I'm hoping they expand before the end of the season and fill out the color a little more. They are cute though. Just like the coleus that I bought at the beginning of the year.
I thought I'd try the anise hyssop . . .
Three plants I've been wanting for a l-o-n-g time -- lavendar, autumn joy sedum, and russian sage. Now, where to put them?

19 August 2009

Green is the Loveliest Color

Well, the fresh asparagus inspired me. I remembered some of the greens I've enjoyed this summer.
Ferns from this spring. Sadly Vegas loved to eat them too.

My herb buckets -- sweet basil, chives, oregano, peppers, chili peppers, and wonderful sage. Look at them now!

My birthday girl.

Well, it's been a long time, but I'm celebrating the arrival of an organized pantry. I love old houses but it's a challenge to figure out storage for narrow, odd-shaped closets and crannies.
Oh, and a reward for our new-found organizations . . . mushroom turnovers from Trader Joe's and fresh steamed asparagus with chives from the herb bucket. Mmmm . . . .